Fixed in Firefox 3.5.4

Firefox 3 釋出功能與安全性更新版。

Release Date:
October 27th, 2009
Security Update:
  • MFSA 2009-64 Crashes with evidence of memory corruption (rv:
  • MFSA 2009-63 Upgrade media libraries to fix memory safety bugs
  • MFSA 2009-62 Download filename spoofing with RTL override
  • MFSA 2009-61 Cross-origin data theft through document.getSelection()
  • MFSA 2009-59 Heap buffer overflow in string to number conversion
  • MFSA 2009-57 Chrome privilege escalation in XPCVariant::VariantDataToJS()
  • MFSA 2009-56 Heap buffer overflow in GIF color map parser
  • MFSA 2009-55 Crash in proxy auto-configuration regexp parsing
  • MFSA 2009-54 Crash with recursive web-worker calls
  • MFSA 2009-53 Local downloaded file tampering
  • MFSA 2009-52 Form history vulnerable to stealing
Fixed several stability issues.
Added the ability to re-submit crash reports (bug 378528)
After using Clear Recent History some SSL sites would not load all images and styles without pressing reload (see bug 480619)

更新到 3.5.4 之後所遇到的第一個問題,delicious 無法登入。目前無解。

userContent.css 中關於 udn.com 的格式失效,其它待查。

GreaseMonkey 套件失效一部份,有個控制 Plurk 的 script 在 Windows 2000 中執行無誤,在 Windows XP 中卻沒反應。

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